Tonight I want you

NightVery quiet, you can vaguely hear the wind outside the window. In the strange cityAloneOne person, coach outlet online

looking at the gray head in the Q, Ling-feng know this momentSnowChildren are online, the status of herForeverIs stealth. Each person has a stealthOwnOfStory, Ling-feng never asked Cher, Cher would like to say if he knew she would tell their own. Ling-feng in silenceWait, So Michelle was willing to say that day. Cher is a very strangeGirlEach chat will always say some people think the topic arouses laughter, Ling-feng, and she likes to chat. Feeling very happy.TimeLong Ling-feng would like to know the other side of the cable length is sawed Cher? Haha, what else is really no other ideas.

Ling-feng clearly remember the coach factory outlet online first meeting of the scene, “Hey …” to stand on the edge of the station he was shocked. Watching the makeup girl, her long to tell the truth was not pretty, nor have caused the exquisite curves, and chat, she said, blowing his beautiful, such as Sin, thousands of miles apart.

Stunned, the Ling-feng extended his hand to say “Hello, I am Ling-feng, Cher do you?” “I’m not Cher, I sand children …” smiled Ling-feng, a remark that she knew .

“I wind you sand. Smell the toEnd of the World, Is it? “Oh … Coach Small Bags Michelle smiled.

“I want to walk it?” Ling-feng is a gentleman to seek the views of Cher.

“Please to meet friends not to go to bed, your head is not good to use ah, want to waste my time,” Cher piped up and said. If not, chat on the tried and tested, this will really want to count Gu Jiong of sweat.

“18 yet? Physique do not see you this minor it!” Ling-feng Xiezhuo Yan said coldly, in fact, early heart smile burst.

“8 is not ten, but 1o years ago, and now the girl 28, boy you look carefully eyes wide open …” Cher moving their faces over.

“You wanted to do Ma?” Ling-feng stare stare

“Yeah you see wrinkles,” This girl Coach Sunlasses is not actually still choked laugh, Ling Fengjiang hold back laughter, said: “What? Looking ring it? Will afford you this face is an old tree stump ah …”

Ha ha, ha they could not help but laugh at the total out ……

This girl will not take the initiative to re-find me, and every time I call her first, think about it a little gas, the total can not help but to look for her every time, Ling-feng laughed. Cher opening the dialog coach store box that sent a smile … a long time did not respond, has also been used.

Ling-feng point of a cigarette, two days is the Dragon Boat Festival, and tonight is not to tell this girl I like her? Oh, is not to say it, say I do not know she would proudly Chengsha Yang coach online ……

In the dialog box, enter:TonightI think you